Moving palletized goods requires specific machinery to transport heavy loads and, generally, large volumes. The palletizing of products and the distribution of pallets are daily procedures used in many industries, logistics centers and department stores.
In the agri-food industry and especially the fruit and vegetable industry, they are key elements to maintain high production levels.
Conveyor rollers and their adaptation to different systems are the main mechanisms used, although chain conveyors are also used in the transport of pallets.

The main types of machinery used in the transport of pallets are:

• Mechanized roller conveyors for pallets
It can be adapted from the factory to all types of products, with different lengths, capacities or with guiding elements. It is generally designed and manufactured with materials, bearings and traction systems capable of supporting high loads (high weight and large volume).

• Mobile trolleys for pallets
In these trolleys for pallets, rollers or chain conveyors are used for loading and unloading. It is used to move the pallets using the trolley wheels or through rails. Also, it is called pallet transfer.

• Pallet lifter
Pallet lifters are used to place one pallet on top of another, forming a stack. It can be used with both full and empty pallets.

• Automated pallet stackers and dispensers
It is very useful auxiliary systems in automated work chains as it is used to stack empty pallets that are leaving the unpacking area as well as for the automatic supply of pallets to the production and packaging system (pallet dispensers)

• Pallet lifts between floors
They allow the pallets to be raised and lowered at different levels for storage and distribution at different heights.
They act as forklift systems and are manufactured with several safety and protection elements against the load movement (railings or trellis). Within the machinery used to move vertically pallets, pallet stacker cranes are included.

• Rotating platforms for pallets
Turntables or rotating platforms allow the change of direction in the movement of pallets safely and minimizing the surface used for turning. They are used to distribute the pallets to different areas of the warehouse or production areas. The Turntables allow the pallets to be oriented in any direction; however, if we only want to make a 90º turn, we also have several manufacturing options for these systems.

• Picking platforms for pallets
Used for order preparation.

• Transfer of pallets to rollers using chains
As their name indicates, they are chain systems (double or tri-chain) to move the pallets to the roller conveyor.

In general, chain systems for pallet transport are used to transfer pallets from some roller conveyor lines to others, at the loading and unloading point and at changes of direction.

As we have indicated previously, we have a wide variety of machinery for moving and storing pallets that allow their use in a large number of industrial processes.