As we have already said, connectivity has become a key factor in the efficiency and competitiveness of the sector. The digitization of processes as well as the reliability and speed of connections are crucial in a globalized economy interconnected to the millisecond. In this sense, the arrival and implementation of 5G technology play a fundamental role in the latest generation of mobile Internet connectivity and its significant improvements in data transfer speed, connectivity, connection stability compared to previous generations.

The three main differentiators of 5G technology, which represent a great improvement over previous generations, are that any process or digital communication can be performed much faster, more reliably and more securely. And this, of course, has direct applicability in a large number of industries on which can have a huge impact and revolution.


Two areas in which this technology will have a more obvious impact are the automotive industry and the video game industry and online applications. In the automotive industry, the development of communication systems and the increased safety of driverless cars are directly dependent on this ultra-fast and reliable connectivity capability between vehicles and the environment.

In the case of the video game industry, the user experience will improve considerably with the data transmission capacity (display improvement), the speed and stability of the transmission, although are well known, it There are many industrial processes that will be improved by this type of connection.

The aspects that influence in the change, that the technology produces at the industrial level, they refer to the technical advances in the processes of automation (robotization) and to the form of inter connectivity between the control systems and the mechanical equipments (this called the internet of things). In this respect, the development of artificial intelligence and the learning machine is causing radical changes in the way in which many industries operate.

The arrival of 5G technology makes the entire communication process even more efficient, both between machines and between users, and all this is made possible thanks to its ability to transmit data at high speed, from anywhere on the planet (zero latency) and without band overload problems by the number of instantaneous connections.

Taking into account its advantages, it is clear that the arrival of 5G technology will make it possible to apply all previous technological advances much more efficiently in many industrial processes. As well as, the existence of 5G technology will encourage the development of new industrial procedures that until now were not possible.