Eurotransis, an international benchmark in the metalworking sector in conveyors and systems, is an important economic engine of the city of Cabra, the geographical center of Andalusia. Our company is part of the Cabra business fabric and participates actively and with great pride in promoting its cultural heritage and popular festivals, as well as its wonderful natural environment, the Sierras Subbéticas natural park designated as a World Geopark by the UNESCO.


The month of September is especially important for the Cabra’s people because of its September Fair. At the beginning of this month, between the 3rd and 8th, the Virgen de la Sierra Fair is held, the great Cabra’s fair, declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest in 1972 . Day 3rd begins with the Pregón (Opening speech) and the proclamation of the Queen of the Festivities and the Maid of Honor.

We can highlight as the most critical moments on September 4 with the Descent of the Virgin from her Chapel, the Sanctuary of Nuestra Señora de la Sierra, located in the Picacho de la Sierra de Cabra, of great archaeological and landscape value; and the solemn procession on September 8. Also, during these days, the colorful Battle of Flowers takes place, on September 5, and the enjoyment of all Cabra’s people and visitors in the Real of the Fair.

The town of Cabra also has a remarkable architectural legacy and in its old town it has unique neighborhoods of special relevance, such as the Barrio de la Villa or the Barrio del Cerro, which can be enjoyed and visited at any time of the year. Strolling through the old town will allow us to admire architectural monuments that are also worth a visit for their unique characteristics. We highlight the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Asunción y los Ángeles (13th century), located in the center of the old town and built on an old Muslim mosque, or the Church of San Juan Bautista (16th century), attached to the convent formerly ruled by the Hermanos de San Juan de Dios .

The nature is an intrinsic part of the town Cabra, as shown by the presence of the natural setting of Source of the River, the spring where the Cabra River is born and from which in Roman times supplied water to the people through an aqueduct. From Fuente del Río you can access the Via Verde de la Subbética via a path. The place stands out for the combination of the Karst nature of the land combined with the ornamentation of the gardens created around it.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the Sierra de Cabra has a great geological value that is highly appreciated by both experienced hikers and visitors who want to enjoy nature. The area has a wide range of rural houses to enjoy for a few days its beautiful surroundings, the town and the friendliness of its people.

Our company Eurotransis is an important part of Cabra and Cabra is part of our company; its people, its natural environment, its festivals and traditions and its way of life enrich and make our business project great.