The roller conveyors are used in a warehouse industry for the transport or displacement of products or goods. We can say that it is one of the most important components for efficient warehouse operation.

Whit the roller conveyor systems a wide variety of goods can be moved. Their structure and the different possible manufacturing options for roller conveyors allow them to be adapted to all types of warehouses. Among these manufacturing options are the possibility of using motorized roller conveyors and the options for controlling the movement of goods using the latest technologies in its management and control computer systems. This allow an exact follow-up of the location of a good, as well as the stock control and of the workflow within the warehouse.

The main points or applications of roller conveyors in a warehouse are the following.

  1. The conveyors are used to move goods at the warehouse entrance, supply area or stock entry. From the unloading area, the goods, whether in pallets or individual boxes, are mounted on the roller conveyors for its entry and subsequent distribution through the warehouse.
  2. In the goods output area: the product, palletized or not, moves through roller conveyor systems to the loading docks.
  3. Transfer of the product to the point of order preparing or picking. And from here to orders output area roller conveyors will also be used.
  4. Any type of displacement of goods between different warehouse areas. For example, uneven movements for storage at different heights.

We emphasize that all these displacements can be performed in a highly automated way. For example, the roller conveyors are used in storing systems for the distribution of goods to different locations in the warehouse.

Furthermore, it is evident that in the movements of goods within the warehouses, as well as the loading and unloading, in addition to the roller conveyor circuit, it requires other structures and mechanisms. We highlight some of them such as:

  • Elevator with roller conveyor for pallets.
  • Lifting table with roller conveyor.
  • Mezzanine elevators.
  • Combined circuits of roller conveyors and conveyor belts.

The use of roller conveyors streamlines and makes all the process of order management and receipt of goods in the warehouse or logistics center. Roller conveyor circuits can be manufactured for all types of warehouse and goods, from simple gravity-motion systems to highly robotic circuits.