Within transport  of goods it is used a big variaty of rollers addapted to the characteristiques of differents products to move  whitin the production or distribution chain.

Rollers for conveyors and conveyor belts  are made of three important pieces: shaft, heads ( mechanical bearings) and transport surface (tube).

Shaft and tube, are first of all, the simplier structures, being the heads where we can find a big number  and variaty of pieces attending to the number and variaty od components.

its structures as well as its components depend and they adapt to the differents movements( free move, gravity…) or use ( light, heavy .. charge).

To define the type of roller, first we must clearly define the application. The principals characteristiques will be: charge capacity, type of product, mai and max dimensions of the product that will be transported.

A cause of the importance of this elements in the general improvement of the production, we always must to use materials of high quality that can offer a goos movement and a large life to the product.

We will remark the best materials for the manufactue of the roller attending to its charge capacity.

  1. Roller shaft for conveyors.

Shaft is the roller`s base element and it can be manufacture in Steel. Material more resistant  for manufacturing the roller’s shaft is the Steel inox.

  1. Roller’s heads

Roller’s head is the piece which unites the guide structure and allows the movement of the roller. Head also support the charge.

For the lights charge are the best option thermoplastic heads(PP, propilene), an material that has an excellent quimichal resistance. We also have the option of the metallical heads. Bearings can be row ball, stamped and precisión bearing.

For duty charge, are recommended metallical headswith differents bearing attending to its use and size. Motorized rollers  always are recomended with metallical sprockets.

  1. Tube

External surface is where is going to be transport the product. These structures can be manufacture of differents materials depending of the product to be transport as well as its use (rollers for conveyors). Belts can be manufacture in pvc, vynil, pplurethane, high pplurethane..….

When we design and make the best roller for our application we always must to have the best system to renovate the most impotant pieces, and that way avoid costly processes.

Roller conveyors are using in many logistics processes.  By its correctly working depend  the efficiency and the productivity in the enterprises, distribution companies…

So, roller conveyors’s quality and fiability are very important in the final improvement in a company.

And also, roller quality depends  of the materials that make it the production process.