Transporting any tyoe of materials from one area to another within industrial facilities is an increasingly notable need, the roller conveyors are the best solution.

It is a mechanism that has been having more importance in the industry and that allows products to be moved efficiently from the processing areas, to those classification or packagings areas, for example.

One of the objectives of this type of mechanism is to do it so that its intallation and operation re positivie in productivity, saving time, increasing safety and reducing costs.

E-commerce has allowed factories or industrial premises to have the ability to move, classify and label a high quantity of products per hour. Furthermore, due to the fact that research has been invested, the extension from the traditional industry to all kinds of new options is a reality that has provided better benefits. Its manufacture is possible in a variety of materials, like PVC or Steel, Aluminium or Stainless Steel, etc.

This roller conveyors work internachangeably in the transport and accumulation of light, medium or heavy loads, within the various industries, presenting versatility and adaptability to the specifics needs of each case. For this, the roller conveyors offer multiple speeds, load capacities and drive mechanisms, with the ability to respond to what each entrepreneur requires for their production.

These systems can be activated by gravity or by motors (drivers), many of them computerized, and their work capacity is very wide, having puzzle configurations that allow new modules to be fitted to expand or improve the work of these types of systems. For the activity of this technique to be  optimal and safe, it is necessasry to have approved manufacturers that implant high-quality rollers, which will require adequate maintenance to avoid accidents or unnecessary stops. Its resistance and fit are essential to provide fluidity and reliability to the production chain.