Having the sale of products online is already a fundamental aspect for the survival and growth of a company. With an online sales service, potential customers increase exponentially and, as a consequence, the management of those sales, the entire product preparation and shipping process must be optimized to the maximum to effectively manage customer orders and the stock of products; as well as increases in production based on demand.

With the implementation of the automation process of an e-commerce, the company can increase the efficiency of the sales and shipping processes, reducing times and increasing performance.

To carry out the automation of online sales or e-commerce, the following points must be taken into account:

  1. Identify all those procedures that can be automated in the operation of the company. From the use of software for the administrative management of invoices or payroll to the latest advances in mechanical systems and industrial machinery. Communications technology and the development of artificial intelligence have made it possible to use all kinds of robots or robotic systems in almost any activity that we can imagine.
  2. Design the product distribution. One of the aspects that should be most important is the initial study of each particular case and the development of a specific automation project adapted to the real needs of each business. This design must be well adjusted to the current work volumes and in turn have expansion options, that is, to have a certain degree of modification at low cost or that does not require starting from scratch.
  3. Project Implementation. In online sales, the efficient movement of goods and products is the basis of any production system and of our benefits. For this, it is necessary to have reliable and robust movement systems (roller conveyors, conveyor belts, classification systems, sorters , picking tables, tilting tables, etc.) for the transport of goods, their identification and classification (labeling systems, scanners , location, etc. ).
  4. Control and management systems for the movement of goods and, management of orders and shipments. Have the appropriate software for our production system and customized to it.  The analysis using this software allows us to have an exhaustive control of our stock and the balance between order entry and production level. Adjusting this balance results in an increase in efficiency in the operation of our company and a reduction in costs.

  1. Introduce e-commerce through digital marketing. Digital marketing and the analysis of interactions, with customers and potentials clients, with our advertisements and the contents of our website will provide us with valuable data and information to improve our business.

The implementation of an automated management system for online sales requires a preliminary study and involves expenditures. However, we have to see it clearly as an investment to increase our sales while also reducing costs (staff). It is an investment that we cannot postpone if we want to be competitive both locally and internationally, of course.