Conveyor belts are a fundamental element for the transport of goods in all types of sectors and production systems (logistics and distribution centers, petrochemical industries, warehouses …). But almost, without realizing it, we use conveyor belts in our daily life, in different situations.

Considering the huge range of utilities and considering the diversity of the transported products, including people, the design options and manufacturing materials of the conveyor belts are very diverse.

The main uses of conveyor belts

  • Conveyor belts in distribution and logistics centers – the conveyor belts are a basic element of any warehouse in a distribution center or logistics company.
  • Conveyor belts in production systems. – Any manufacturing system at the industrial level includes conveyor belts that move the products between different points of processing, storage or distribution. Depending on the kind of industry, we find different types of conveyor belts, accessory systems and mechanisms, as well as different degrees of automation and control.
  • Conveyor belts in airports, train and metro stations. All the baggage transfer that takes place in an airport is done through belts and roller conveyors. Most of the baggage movements are carried out thanks to conveyor belts. As well as baggage, a large number of people are carried out through conveyor belts in airport facilities, train stations or subway exchangers
  • Conveyor belts in quarries and heavy industries. This conveyor is characterized by having to support heavy loads and move materials with great capacity of erosion (gravel, rocks) or corrosive (chemical substances), Therefore, they are conveyor belts of very specific characteristics of great resistance to abrasion and high temperatures
  • Conveyor belts in supermarkets and hypermarkets. In any purchase made in a supermarket or hypermarket we will use the conveyor belt when going through the box. The entire band system, its structure and movement control are assembled in the so-called supermarket checkout box and have been increasingly equipped with more technology while its design and aesthetics are part of the characteristics of the brand.
  • Conveyor belts in sky resorts. The sky lifts may be difficult to use by beginner skiers. The installation of conveyor belts in some ski resorts, allow people to enjoy, but also have managed to increase the safety in the displacement in height.
  • Conveyor belts in recreational stations, museums, theme parks … They are used for the movement of people between different points of the facilities, in long trips or between levels, as well as to control and avoid crowds in front of exhibition areas.

The conveyor belts are transport systems that allow us to move goods of very diverse nature, including people. In addition to its use in the industry, as we have seen, the belts or conveyor belts are also part of our day to day