Vertical lift systems allow for high density storage. It is applied in a wide number of industrial sectors, both in manufacturing and distribution, as well as in retail and robotized commerce (widely used in pharmacies and parapharmacies, both for sale and in online stores).

Elevators and vertical conveyors are an essential part in the operation of automated warehouses. Some of its advantages are:

  • It allows quick access to goods and represent a very significant increase in storage space, being able to take advantage of vertical space and create high-density warehouses.
  • It can be applied to products of different sizes and formats.
  • It can be combined and allow to have dynamic shelves. It reduces (almost completely) the use of forklifts and achieve a high work flow.
  • It has security systems both in the prevention of accidents with operators and from the point of view of product and goods protection.
  • It facilitates the access of goods to the operators, maximizing resources and minimizing expenses. It improves and increase the warehouse management capacity.
  • The automation and digitization of the systems allows the monitoring of all product movements. Traceability within the warehouse is guaranteed, as well as stock control.

Due to the great diversity of products in which it can be applied, we have lifting systems manufactured specifically for the movement and transport of different types of products. From automatic systems for the storage of palletized goods (pallet stacker cranes and pallet conveyors), trilateral stacker cranes, as well as lifting systems and vertical conveyors for boxes of various sizes coupled to automated roller conveyors and belt conveyors.

Stacker cranes for pallets allow the movement of pallets vertically and their transfer through long aisles with automated roller conveyors from loading and unloading areas to storage areas. Automated warehouses with stacker cranes achieve a high storage density (up to 45m in height) and high efficiency in managing the entry and exit of palletized products.

Box or tray lifting conveyors increase warehouse capacity, security and warehouse management while reducing costs. It allows minimizing the time to locate a goods and transfer it to the point of handling, preparation or dispensing of orders in high-density warehouses. They can be adapted to a wide variety of products and needs.

In all cases, high efficiency will depend on the use of high-quality systems and equipment, both from a mechanical and automation point of view and from warehouse management and control software. This is achieved with a rigorous design of each warehouse automation project that we initiate.