Maintenance of equipment in the industry is essential to anticipate any incident, to maintain and increase the productivity of the firm. Quality standards are increasingly demanding and this affects the machinery directly. For this reason, an adequate maintenance plan must be planned to prevent a collapse from affecting production or its quality. The competitiveness of the market requires such measures to keep position and prestige in this global world.

We define industrial maintenance as the set of activities whose purpose is to guarantee the good condition of the facilities and machines of the production process. This makes it possible to have the best performance and ensure optimum development of production processes.

A properly implemented maintenance plan means a decrease in production costs because it avoids unforeseen failures. Apart from this, avoiding downtime makes the product kept quality and lower cost, meeting the deadlines agreed with customers and making our brand remain high in its evaluation. This preventive action also affects the prevention of occupational accidents, which is a key factor today.

Several problems can appear if we do not carry out this industrial maintenance. Nevertheless, mainly, we can suffer costly shutdowns of production processes, unexpected breakdowns, manufacturing of defective products, failure to comply with delivery times, damages and losses in raw materials, increases in workplace accidents, loss of customer confidence and significant increases in production costs. In other words, we have to consider this maintenance as an investment that will save us subsequent expenses.