Industrial facilities require special machinery for transport, handling and automation of the production process. We have solutions for its application in the food sector, specifically developed for the fruit and vegetable and agricultural industry. Our systems cover all the needs of both transport and handling of products and their packaging and subsequent transport, storage or preparation of orders in the warehouse. In addition, we can design flexible systems for scaling up production.

We have solutions for the transport of both bulk and packaged food products, covering the entire production system. We manufacture roller conveyor systems, belt conveyors and frames supported rollers adapted and designed according to the requirements of each project. Our extensive experience and manufacturing capabilities enable us to precisely meet any specific customer requirements and adapt the system to your product. For example, conveyor belts for use in feeding, washing and sorting systems for fruit and vegetable products.

Product lifts for all kinds of needs, transport between levels in the production line, storage, etc.

Automated product orientation, separation and redirection systems: rotary tables, pneumatic pushers, transfers, lifting tables, handling stations, tray transfer systems, etc., all of them in line with the feeding and transport system.

We have solutions for load preparation that include all the necessary machinery in the product palletisation system: pallet dispensers, pallet turners, pallet lifters, framers for automated lines…

The integration of all the processes allows an optimum workflow to be achieved, guaranteeing maximum production performance with a very high level of reliability and safety.

A specific aspect of the food industry is the strong regulation to which it is subjected in terms of cleaning and disinfection procedures, as these are products for human (or livestock) consumption. Treatment with detergents, cleaners and disinfectants at certain points in the system is common, so machinery and transport systems (conveyor belts, conveyor rollers) must be resistant to these treatments.

We currently offer customized solutions adapted to any production sector. Any project can be designed and developed in our facilities with highest guarantees of efficiency and performance.